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Forging Connections

We build a powerful network of LinkedIn connections by targeting the right groups of people with the right message. Our goal is to learn about your needs and find, contact and engage with connections that could benefit your business in any way.

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Maximizing visibility

We want to help you maximize your LinkedIn visibility. By commenting, liking and establishing a daily social media routine, we can help you generate a sustainable online presence. We can make sure that your profile will be top-of-mind with users in your niche.

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About Us

After seeing how businesses underutilize LinkedIn in their day-to-day business, we decided to make an effort and educate people on the benefits of using LinkedIn as a sales channel. With 3 years of experience working for a marketing agency, we set out on a mission to help people get more out of their marketing efforts.

We offer personalized services and use our marketing skills and experience to build organic sales funnels for our clients. Our ideal clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to use social networks and building connections to take that next step in their business.

Our goal is to offer a set of services, accessible and affordable to the average small business owner.

With us you get far more than just a ‘package deal’ – we aren’t just delivering generic likes and follows to your page. Instead, we do detailed research for every client, making sure we know who your ideal client is, engaging them in a tone suitable for your business and getting them interested in the services you offer.

We are passionate about LinkedIn and other social networks and it’s our goal to continue innovating on this platform.

By keeping up with updates and taking advantage of new marketing trends, you can be sure we will always guide your business in the right direction, even in these ever-changing market conditions.



We will fully personalize your page and properly optimize it.

With this introductory package we can work at maximizing your following by adding 1000-1200 targeted connections, creating personalized messages as well as maximizing the visibility of your profile.

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Through the Silver package we deliver full polishing and optimization on your profile including personal messages for each of the 1000-1200 new targeted followers you’ll be making each month.

We offer active communication through liking, commenting and engaging in relevant groups, as well as sharing new content three times every week.

We also communicate with you prospects until they are ready to schedule a call with you.

We spend around 30 minutes each day engaging with other peoples content on News Feed.

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Our gold package includes all of the work from our silver package including 10-12 blog posts/articles, weekends included  as well as complete full weekly reports and a monthly schedule for your social media plan.

This is the premier service for LinkedIn organic marketing.

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Every day our company grows and we grow with it a well. We are excited about evolving as an agency and onboarding new talent to help us on our journey.

We are ready to take on any challenge and are looking forward to working with clients from all over the world and helping them find their organic marketing solutions.

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

  • “I am very impressed with the creativity and effectiveness of Sanja's work through her S&A Agency. I am blessed with a large network of more than 15,000 connections here. However, I am rarely as proactive as I want to be in developing new business relationships, new clients, new strategic partnerships, as well as keeping the existing ones alive and engaged. Her LinkedIn tricks and techniques are disarmingly simple, which is why they are so effective. Hats off to Sanja and Aleksandra! They're terrific! ”
    Bruce Cryer
    Executive Coach/Mentor, Keynote Performer; Adjunct Professor - Stanford; Founder, Renaissance Human
  • “S&A Agency has a fantastic concept and provides a great opportunity for us business owners, coaches, consultants to get into the professional game of successful business. I am delighted to be part of their journey and I highly recommend them.”
    Catherine B. Roy
    CEO & Founder of LHM Academia and LHM Media, Bestselling Author, Business Coach, Awarded Top 30 Under 30 & MENSA member
  • “S&A’s services literally bring me 20-25 appointments each week (and that would be even more if my calendar allowed for it)—that's tremendous value for my business. They also do a ton to optimize my profile, build my connections, and reach 100 times more people than I could by myself. The ROI has been excellent, and I look forward to working with them more! Their services come highly recommended. ”
    Matt Rosenblum
    CEO & Founder of Advanced Life Coach Marketing. I help ambitious life coaches get clients through content marketing.
  • “S&A Agency provide a great service - they have warm, fun and engaging energy which is very appropriate to the type of service they offer. They are very knowledgeable about how to best use and engage with connections and potential clients on LinkedIn.”
    Moira Hutchison
    Helping Professionals - Get Unstuck - Align With Their Life Purpose - Discover Dreams & Shift From Striving to Thriving

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